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Tantra Mini-Workshop: An Introduction to Non-Sexual Intimacy and Connection

Mar 14, 2020
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

San Diego Marriott La Jolla
4240 La Jolla Village Dr La Jolla, CA 92037

Say the word tantra and most people think of sex, however, Tantra is a much broader practice that pervades all aspects of life. Sexual union is just one small way that tantric energies can be expressed and ultimately elevated.

Have you experienced the deep witnessing of yourself through another?

Would you like to explore intimacy in a safe, non-sexual way?

Do you want to experience more openness, self-awareness, and connection?

Then you’ll definitely want to join us for this experiential mini-workshop and introduction into the world of tantra.

What you will learn:

— the four colors of tantra

— the purpose of practicing each

— the common practices associated

What you will experience:

— Guided exercises to promote intimacy and connection in ways you may have never experienced–all fully clothed.

— Pushed to expand your sense of embodiment

— Opportunities to understand what it truly means to be present.

You will leave more open, more self-aware, and more connected than you arrived.

Many participants have been known to use the word “Wow” to describe their experience.

This event is equally suited for individuals and couples, friends and co-workers.


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