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Apr 11, 2019
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Mesa College Art Gallery
7250 Mesa College Dr FA-103 San Diego, CA 92111

Gallery located in the NEW Fine Arts building next to Student Services I400
Parking in Lot 1, in front of the new gallery in STAFF spots ON RECEPTION NIGHT.

San Diego Mesa College Art Gallery presents Subterranean, an exhibition containing artwork that plumbs the depths—of our society, our Earth, ourselves. This show peels back the surface to reveal worlds real or imagined, cavernous or labyrinthine, with the intent of illuminating the unacknowledged and the transgressive. Curated by the Mesa College Museum Studies class under the direction of Professor Alessandra Moctezuma, Subterranean features 45 artists who have produced more than 60 pieces of art including textile, sculpture, mixed media, and clay.

Several of the artworks in Subterranean deal with the power of nature and human manipulation of the environment. Amanda Kachadoorian’s sensual paintings enlarge fantastic desert plants to gigantic proportions while Cesar and Lois’ fungal carvings become a testament to nature conquering humanity’s primacy. Barbara Sexton’s juxtaposition of Western cartography, drawing, and words alert us to the reality of environmental destruction.
The viewer becomes either embedded in the earth or lifted to the heavens. Susan Osborn’s print of a cross-section of a garden invites us to dig under our feet. The roots and branches of a ‘witch’ tree swallow a woman in Alyssa Hobson’s mysterious work. Tatiana Ortiz-Rubio’s charcoal drawings and Julia San Roman’s paintings represent cloud formations, connecting us to the realm of the metaphysical.

Subterranean also refers to the hidden in human nature. In Hannah Johansen’s portraits the ‘monstrous feminine’ comes alive. Akiko Surai’s delicate drawings of prison weapons reveal the ingenuity of scarcity and necessity in the face of institutional punishment. Zoya Sadharshti’s interactive performance asking participants to don masks give voice to the oppressed or suppressed female spirit under patriarchal rule.

With 45 artists, the exhibition offers fascinating responses to the subject matter. Artwork in traditional media but also verging into the experimental with video installations, architectural proposals, wearable sculptural jewelry, and even a piece made using lint. The result is a journey into the unexpected, a clash of the real and the imaginary.

Featured Artists: Cesar & Lois, Dan Adams, Alexis Avena, Larry Caveney, Sergio Cisneros,
Ty Creighton, Xochitl de Capomo, Alex DeCosta, Sarah Garcia, Christian Garcia-Olivo,
Scott Gengelbach, Grace Gray- Adams, Alyssa Hobson, Amel Janae, Hannah Rose Johansen,
Amanda Kachadoorian, Elena Lomakin, Kimberly Lopez, Ginger Lou, Alan Luna,
C. Matthew Luther, Thomas Macie, Justin McHugh, Dylan Murphy, Kathy Nida, Michael Orenich,Tatiana Ortiz-Rubio, Susan Osborn, Philip Petrie, RexArthur Ramos, A.H. Romero, Alexia Rose,April Rose, Astha Saini, Julia San Roman, Zoya Sardashti, Greg Schaefer,
Patrick Schlichtenmyer, Steve Seleska, Barbara Sexton, Akiko Surai, Kelsey Trevino,
Karina Velasco, Chantal Wnuk, Anna Zappoli
Gallery Hours: M, T, W 11 am – 4 pm, TH 11 am – 7 pm. Closed weekends, Fridays & holidays.
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