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April Rose and Katie Ruiz Exhibition – Chromatic: Grounding with Color

Aug 29, 2019
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Mesa College Art Gallery
7250 Mesa College Dr FA-103 San Diego, CA 92111

April Rose and Katie Ruiz Exhibition - Chromatic: Grounding with Color

Exhibition Dates: August 19 – September 11, 2019

Reception and artist talk: Thursday, August 29, 5 – 7 pm

Artists websites: www.katieruizart.com and www.rainbowkimono.com

This exhibit pairs two San Diego artists whose artwork is grounded in the use of vibrant colors and exuberant patterns. Conceptually, they share an interest in the power of women: as individuals, as partners, as makers, as nurturers, even as goddesses.

April Rose weaves, draws and builds with clay, fiber and paper. inspired by the powers of nature, fairytales and mythology she playfully transforms iconic symbols: rainbows, lighting, clouds, eyes, hands and faces. With respect for the deep history of the traditional craft Rose creates a surreal visual vibrant world that includes childlike nostalgia, simple pleasures & deep trauma. Informed by Pop and Folk art Rose weaves her own stories into the work and explores her own iconography as a method to soothe her spirit. In her daily mediative practice she uses color to simulate an experience in energy transference, a chromatic catharsis. These artistic interpretations are released and passed on with the intent of channeling positivity and empathy. An attempt of mindful awareness of the energy we put out into the universe. By harnessing the alchemical and divinatory power that comes through connection the work allows her to release, shed and be reborn in an ongoing cycle serving as her own color therapy.

Chicana artist Katie Ruiz paints fantastical characters inhabiting enchanted landscapes and covered with blankets decorated with Mexican indigenous designs. Katie Ruiz has developed a unique visual language based on her interest in blankets. Sharing a blanket is sharing intimacy. Her work is about the narrative of that connection. Ruiz studies the symbolism and origins of Latin American textiles, particularly the Otomi designs known as Tenango that appear to have prehistorical roots in Central Mexico. The Rainbow Man, animals and stars populate her canvases referencing fertility, nature and spirits. Ruiz employs a variety of traditional painting and drawing media including oil, encaustic wax, acrylic, graphite and chalk pastel but also uses yarn, string and found objects. In her travels abroad she has learned millenarian techniques such as back strap weaving and she brings these skills to her practice.

April Rose states she is “Piecing together a Utopia that (she) wants to inhabit. Life as collage.” Both artists do this, and in Chromatic they share these magical worlds with the viewer.


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